How do companies benefit from vocational skills competitions, Kim Holm?

Festo Didactic has taken part in vocational skills competition activities from 1991. The compa­ny is a WorldSkills Global Industry Partner. Its Finnish subsidiary Festo Oy has participated in the Taitaja and Taitaja9 competitions from the 1990s. ”This is one way for companies to get in con­tact with VET in a neutral manner and have the opportunity to develop education. We are also able to test our devices on students. At the same time, competitions are an excellent re cruitment channel. We have hired competi­tors in many countries,” says Festo Didactic’s Region al Manager for Northern Europe and Eastern Africa Kim Holm.


Mr Holm feels that vocational skills competitions are an exceptional place for companies to find employees.”The students at competitions are their profes­sion’s crème de la crème. Competitions allow employers to recruit employees without incur­ring recruitment expenses.”Festo Didactic is its parent company Festo AG’s training company, and for this reason it main­tains a strong connection with vocational skill competitions. During this long­term cooperat­ion, Festo has supplied devices for competi­tions, guaranteed IT support for these, acted as a consultant in organising competitions, invited its own customers to the competitions, and its employees have acted as experts especially in mechatronics competitions. Mr Holm’s own dream would be to take Skills competitions to Africa, where he works a great deal these days.

”I believe that these competitions can help raise the profile of many fields and increase the appreciation for many professions just as they have in Finland and other countries.”