Why send an expert to international competitions?

International experience improves the quality of education. Networks may also result in education export.

Sending an expert is an important way to keep an educational institution at the frontline of development.

“Competitions are a way to refresh expertise and professional practices and to create international relationships that would not otherwise be possible”, says Industry Manager for technology industries Jukka Kosunen of the Savo Educational Federation of Municipalities (Sakky).

Sakky’s teachers have discovered a lot of ideas, equipment and other teaching tools, which the school has then later acquired.

Starting education export

In summer and autumn 2017, Sakky organised WorldSkills training camps for the first time for Swedish, English, Russian and Chinese competitors.

“This has allowed us to start education export. Selling these products would not have been possible if we would not have been active in competitions.”

Sakky has sent experts to WorldSkills or EuroSkills competitions for 15 years already. A good expert is enthusiastic, competent, speaks fluent English and will do the job again.

“The best benefit is obtained when serving as an expert two to three times.”

A wide base provides a better foundation for progress

Sakky uses the old competition tasks from Taitaja competitions in teaching at every locality. Approximately 70–90 students from Sakky participate in the Taitaja semi-finals every year. Using a wide base, students and teachers are better able to strive to the reach the top of the industry in international competitions.

Sakky has compiled competition stories by students on its website and on social media. At Taitaja information sessions, competitors aim to inspire younger students to participate. It has paid off. In autumn 2015, for example, one student expressed the will to participate in the Taitaja competition on the very first day of school. And the student was in the Taitaja finals in spring 2017.