About the competitions

The Finnish National Vocational Team competes for medals at the WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan Team Finland consists of 27 competitors who takes part in 25 skills. In addition to the competitors, the national team consists of 25 experts who work as judges at the competition. The competitiors are chosen through qualificiation competitions during the fall of 2018.

The competition takes four days. Some of the skills focus on one big assignment, whereas others consist of multiple tasks. Hairdressers have traditionally performed various tasks such as hairdyes and haircuts. In restaurant service and health and social care the competitors perform tasks one at a time. Cabinetmakers have one set place of work, where they work the same piece of furniture for four days. The audience gets to experience these efforts up close, which creates a thrilling atmosphere for the competitors and a suspensful viewing experience for the audience.

The team’s schedule

At the training camps the team bonds and the competitors gets to improve their mental and physical capabilities. Each competitor also practices the competition tasks with their own coach and expert.

  • The experts are chosen based on applications in the fall of 2018.
  • The team's qualification competitions take place in the fall of 2018.
  • The team is published in November 2018.
  • Various training camps are being held during the spring 2019.
  • Send-off ceremony of Team Finland at the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture 7.6.2019
  • WorldSkills Kazan
  • Award ceremony in Helsinki, the House of the Estates 13.9.2019.


WorldSkills Birmingham 1989 was the first WorldSkills competition Finland took part in. Ever since, Finland has been a part of every WorldSkills. Skills Finland organized the event in 2005 in Helsinki.

With the exception of WorldSkills 1989, Finland has won medals every time. This is a proof of the high level of vocational education in Finland, the high quality of the coaching of the team and the motivation of the competitors.

Skills Finland also sends a team to EuroSkills competitions, which takes place biennially, alternating turns with WorldSkills.