Training system

The training is coordinated by the strategic Skill Category Steering Groups, which are nominated by Skills Finland. These groups promote training and cooperation with companies, as well as the development of training for each of the following individualskills. The Skill Category Steering Groups are made up of skill managers, education providers, and employees as well as companies.

Skills Finland organises an open application process for the selection of skill managers, trainers and experts. Skills Finland also signs Unit for Excellence in Training contracts with educational institutions that participate in training activities.

Skills training is meant for all students who want to develop their own skills. Skills training can be chosen as part of training for a qualification, and the training takes place in the education institution by following personal study paths. The young person’s goal can be simply the development of his/her own skills, or if desired, he/she can aim for participation in a vocational skills competition. Competitors to international are selected by reherseal competitions, that are open to everybody. Selection is made approximately one year before WorldSkills or EuroSkills competition.

Companies can participate in the skills training in many ways , such as by giving jobs or apprenticeships to graduating students, or by offering their own workers for training or as trainers. Companies can also support training by: donating machinery, equipment and programs needed for training; offering short-term training; donating materials for training or competitions; or donating money for training purposes. Companies can also offer their own employees as judges for the vocational skills competitions.