Training system

Skills Training is meant for all vocational students who want to develop their skills. The Training can be chosen as part of studying for a qualification or by following personal study paths. Usually the Training aims to compete in vocational skills competitions (WorldSkills, EuroSkills or Abilympics) but the student can also be a part of the Skills Training Team to develope his/her expertise in general.

Competitors to international skills competitions are selected by trial competitions that are open to everybody. Selection is made approximately one year before the competition. Before the trial competitions, the experts are chosen based on applications.

The training for the competitions is coordinated by Skill Managers which are nominated by Skills Finland. Skill Managers gather up Skills Training Teams which usually consist of the Manager his/herself, the expert of the upcoming competition and other professionals, such as former competitors or people from the labour market. In addition, the Finnish national team prepares for the upcoming competition at training camps which are participated by the whole team.

Companies can participate in the skills training in many ways, such as by giving jobs or apprenticeships to graduating students or by offering their own workers for training or as trainers. Companies can also support training by: donating machinery, equipment and programs needed for training; offering short-term training; donating materials for training or competitions; or donating money for training purposes. Companies can also offer their own employees as judges for the vocational skills competitions.